You will not be surprised to know that this term has crossed the Atlantic, the full-stack developer is a developer who as the name suggests control all the stacking. What will change from one case to another is the definition of this stack.

In the case of web development, it is the mastery of back-end and front-end, different languages ​​of development and architecture. In the case of a full-stack developer of applications, his prerogatives can go much further.

Full-stack developer: definition

This term is fairly recent and refers to a kind of ultra-versatile developer. Even if some of us can say that it’s been years since they have all the characteristics of the full stack developer, we must admit that it’s a kind of developer who does not run the streets.

The full-stack developer is developing what data scientist is to data. It is a five-legged sheep that will manage the entire development process (in the very broad sense) of an application or an app. These responsibilities can range from proof of concept (POC) to marketing through development, marketing management, and maintenance management. Beautiful program!

The full-stack developer is developing what the data scientist is to the data.

One can imagine why 10 years ago we were not able to assume all this. The “classic” app was based on too complex principles and required a much longer time between the idea and the conquest of the market. Today with the advent of apps, dev tools extremely simplified and allowing a very high productivity and blinds allowing a quick release on the market, full stack developers are multiplying.

This term of full-stack developer that takes more and more space may seem contradictory to the trend towards specialization. Indeed, in recent years with the proliferation of technologies, specialized languages ​​and platforms, one could imagine that a versatile developer was no longer up to date. There is, however, a fairly strong demand especially at the level of startups who do not have the means to create specialized development teams and who need an extremely strong responsiveness.

The analogy with the data scientist shows a change in the demand of companies that try to verticalize their offers but also their employees. The time is no longer partitioning teams but in search of collaboration. The ideal is to have full-stack teams.

Three Essential Qualities of a Full-Stack Developer

Traditionally, development is divided into two main parts: the back end and the front end, and each developer will have his specialty. And the full-stack developer in all this? And rightly, this professional will work on these two aspects. It must be able to intervene on the client part and on the server part, so on the part visible on the screen and on the invisible part for the users. It is important to note that a fullstack developer may also need to manage the integration part.

  • Smart to work around bugs and propose solutions

If you have only one quality to check for your candidate for full-stack developer, it’s his resourcefulness. A developer must like to break his head for long hours in front of his code and solving a bug in lines of code should not be a problem for him. He must like to fend for himself and trick his way around obstacles. Depending on the scope of the projects and the specifications to be complied with, the solution may be slow to find but this should not scare your candidate.

  • Tenacity to complete the project and deliver on time

This quality is strongly related to the first. Indeed, sometimes the ingenuity of your full-stack developer will not be enough. Programming solutions can be slow to find. Your candidate will have to show some tenacity and redouble his efforts to deliver on time the software, the application or the website. In addition, as a full-stack it is necessary to have an overview (architecture) of the software to create and to be able to apprehend complex systems.

  • Curiosity to improve his technique

The full-stack developer has similar qualities to front-end and back-end developers. A developer, by nature, is someone who needs to keep abreast of new developments and trends in IT to integrate new technologies and methods into their work. However for a full-stack developer, curiosity is going to be an important quality because his ambivalence on the various missions makes that he must be able to intervene on any technical layer of an application, a site or a ‘a software. His curiosity should not be limited to news related to back or front-end.

The last word

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