Angular JS is a dynamic, JavaScript-based MVW framework managed by the software giant Google. This open source framework can make a miracle when developing a single-page app. The framework enables Web and mobile app developers to meet their business needs while developing enterprise-level apps.

The thriving developer community and Google support bring some excellent Angular JS tools for developing enterprise-class, powerful Web apps.

Let’s look at some notable tools from the perspective of Angular JS app developers.

1. Angular UI

When determining the performance of an app and meeting the requirements of the client, it is important to meet the deadline and the developer relies on the Angular UI. It speeds up the app development process while maintaining the quality of the app. Angular UI is one of the best Angular JS tools that makes the entire development process fast and easy. Developers can easily replace any unwanted widgets with the Angular UI’s nudity instructions.

2. WebStorm

WebStorm is popular in the developer community as one of the best text editors and Angular JS IDE. It has the expected JavaScript ready state. WebStorm is also compatible with running CSS and HTML, making it more useful in the Angular JS development process. WebStorm also enables developers to get rid of constant refreshes with real-time text editor capabilities.

3. Sublime Text

Well, the code is a bread and butter for the developer. But the uniqueness of this tool is that it reduces the burden of coding. The Angular JS development process involves extensive coding and this tool makes coding easy. In a way, this tool can save developers time and productivity while increasing productivity. For these reasons, Sublime Text is the most popular text editor in Angular JS development.

4. Mocha.JS

Basically, this tool relies on the Node JS platform. It makes it easy for developers to test web apps. They can easily test JavaScript functionality with Mocha.js. More importantly, this tool is also useful for novices. It serves as the initial Angular JS tool for training and learning purposes. It is no exaggeration to mention that few tools can test JavaScript like Mocha.js.

5. Karma

Karma provides developers with the best test environment for JavaScript frameworks. Thanks to Karma, it’s easy to write JavaScript code in multiple browsers. The framework also enables developers to control the entire framework by using the command line or IDE. Karma also helps test AngularJS-based web or mobile apps.


When you need to get macro widgets and @mentions without jQuery dependencies, Angular JS developers will look at Although this framework is based on AngularJS, it doesn’t traditionally work, so it can make the whole process different. However, due to the complexity of the function, is a bit difficult for inexperienced developers. Even more difficult is the lack of jQuery strings.

7. Jasmine

Jasmine is a highly customizable Angular JS framework. It is very useful for TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development). It can be used in conjunction with another Angular JS tool, Karma, to test the JavaScript framework. It can automatically check all JavaScript functions and classes. However, like, Jasmine is also more useful to experienced Angular JS developers.

8. Angular Batarang

This is the most useful tool when debugging Angular app. It’s basically a chrome extension. The Angular team developed this extension to provide a tailored test environment for Angular JS app developers. In addition, Angular Batarang displays the debug results in three parameters – performance, dependencies and models. Developers can take advantage of the customization options of this tool.

9. Protractor

It provides end-to-end testing of the Angular JS APP. The protractor is designed to interact with the app just like a real user. In addition, with this tool, developers don’t have to wait for testing because the tool can automate the next process. When a web page completes a pending task, the tool automatically moves to the next step without any notification. Protractor enables developers to run test programs in real browsers.

10. DJ Angular

When you hire Angular JS developers for your project, they find it difficult to deal with issues related to app content development. Djangular can effectively solve this problem. It is indeed one of the most effective tools for Angular JS app development. It can be used at any time because it is a flexible framework that retains all the necessary components. It can help developers develop app content.

Angular JS development services can help entrepreneurs get a feature-rich and seamlessly running Web app with the help of these tools. However, some of these tools require a good understanding of Angular JS app development.

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