React is a widely-used open-source JavaScript library, utilized for developing single page websites, mobile apps, and web apps. Nowadays, it is being considered as the first choice for responsive front-end development.

Are you thinking to emerge as a React JS Development Company or shift your role to ReactJS Developer?

A great idea indeed!

In fact, if you have not yet learned or considered this JS technology for your project, you should do this. It will surely interest you with its effectiveness and simplicity.

Let us give you some good reasons to validate our bias towards ReactJS. Here you go:

Familiar Syntax – Ease of Learning

Those, who understand the JavaScript programming, are going to love ReactJS. Based on JS, its syntax is not much different from this client-side language. You can just visit the official website of ReactJS organization and start towards building apps using it.

From installation to programmer’s guide, everything is very simple and is explained so neatly that you won’t find any trouble in learning it. In a few fewer days, you will be proficient at building large-scale web apps using ReactJS.

Reusability Makes it Efficient

Whether we talk about the reusable UI elements or iterative operations, ReactJS lets you develop reusable components for both cases. It is similar to defining functions and is easy. Additionally, you can also reuse functions inside the functions to reduce the length and complexity of your code.

Powerful – Yes, it is!

React is easy to learn, can be written in lesser space and is fun to learn, we all know that. But how powerful and secure is it?

This is a very common question we hear every day. So here is the answer.

ReactJS is reliable enough to build enterprise-scale web apps.

It has its own typechecking mechanism, PropTypes, to catch bugs. It can be unit-tested with ease too.

Virtual DOM brings advanced efficiency to this front-end technology, while reusable components keep it optimized.

It is highly flexible and can be used alongside other JS libraries too. Even, as it focuses on the view layer only, you can use different technologies on the controller layer without any problem.

Achieving code stability and building good user interface won’t be a problem when you are using React.

Fair enough, isn’t it?

Virtual DOM – Performance-Driven

When a web page loads in your browser, a lot of efforts are put behind the scenes. For example, HTML and CSS files are loaded, a DOM (Document Object Model) is created and a variable tree is rendered. Now as this process is repeated on each page load request, computation time and power needed is high.

Virtual DOM overcame this issue.

You can call it a light-weighted DOM, which React creates – A local copy, to say the least. It improves the run-time performance by re-rendering only a part of DOM when user requests an action. It is kept synchronized with the real DOM to achieve consistency.

In short, deployment of Virtual DOM makes it possible for ReactJS to load pages speedily. It upgrades the performance of your app significantly.

A Community to Back you When Required

ReactJS is Facebook’s technology. It is an open-source project and has a big GitHub community to support it at present. With a good number of JS Developers showing interest in this technology, it becomes easy for the new entrants to learn it.


More active community means more sources to learn from, more researches happening, a lot of people to solve your queries, more forum support, and so on. So, do now worry about ‘Who will help if I am stuck’. Just get into this field, you won’t feel like you are alone.


JSX makes React more interesting and efficient. It is simply a syntax extension to conventional JavaScript, which let React developers define how the UI should look like. With it, you can create React elements and render them directly into DOM. This process is similar to template creation and reduces the coding time for developers.

It is good to use JSX in your code. It lets you encode functional and UI logic together, increasing the readability of your JS files. Using JSX is your code will help you create neat code.

Search Engine Friendliness

For the success of any website or app, it is essential that we built it inherently SEO-friendly.

The problem with most of the JavaScript Frameworks is – they are not SEO-friendly. The reason is legit though. JavaScript is a client-side script. It renders on the client-side when a page is opened. So how can search engines crawl the content being loaded on these pages?

ReactJS has overcome this issue.

Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS works well for SEO purpose. It runs on server too (while utilizing the virtual DOM), so web crawlers do not face any issue in crawling the content of your web pages.


In React, you create components. These components can be easily unit-tested. So, there is a testing-convenient when you choose ReactJS as your development framework. You can use multiple available tools for the unit testing of your code, to make the process smooth and reliable.

As it is easy to test and verify the correctness of your code, ReactJS allows the developers to deliver robust, well-tested and clean code to their clients. This way, you will be able to develop secure applications. Hence, ReactJS is a good professional development choice too.

The advancements

As we told you before, React JS has a big development community. With different developers and companies, trying to contribute in advancement of React on their own pace and with their diverse skills, the technology is growing at a perfect rate.

React arrived in 2013 and has solved numerous major problems for the web development professionals. As an appreciation gesture, developers got connected to improve it. The result is the current feature-rich version of React and emergence of React Native which are still growing. So, we can expect that this betterment will continue in the future too.

A Career Choice? Definitely.

Being a well-established ReactJS Development Company, we have noticed that interest of IT companies and clients is increasing speedily in this front-end technology.

React JS developers are in high demand these days and the conditions will change to get better only. With good compensations and opportunities, React JS can be counted as a wise career choice. As per Neuvoo, the current per annum salary of an average ReactJS Developers is around $112k.

React interests everyone. It is loved newbie developers for its simplicity while experienced JS developers find it easy to switch to this framework. This is the main reason behind the success of ReactJS. So, it won’t be an overstatement if we say that ReactJS is the future of JavaScript.

Advancing every day, ReactJS library is becoming feature-rich swiftly. It is obviously due to continuous efforts of developers’ community, who are contributing the make ReactJS a big, big open-source technology.

Have you built any of your projects using React JS yet? How was the experience if you have done so? Do you think it has a bright future? When are you going to start learning and coding using React?

We would love to read your anticipations about our favorite JS Framework. Comment, please.

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