ReactJS is prominently used for building user interfaces for web SPAs (Single Page Applications) and mobile applications. Developed by Facebook and contributors, this light-weight JavaScript Library has become popular due to reusability and is efficient for front-end development.

Are you also a ReactJS Developer or on the way to becoming one?

If yes, then it is better to learn about the right ReactJS tools. This knowledge will help you in utilizing this one of the top JavaScript frameworks properly.

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Here are our 15 tool picks for ReactJS Developers which will help them build better applications faster:

1. React Bootstrap

Everyone knows the famous and efficient technology, Bootstrap. To help the ReactJS developers build beautiful and responsive apps, Bootstrap is re-built as React Bootstrap. With this, you can give your solution a look and feel like Bootstrap without any difficulty. React Bootstrap is keeping up well with Bootstrap. It is currently as capable as Bootstrap V3 and V4 is being worked upon.

2. Storybook

Much-adored UI Development Environment Storybook is being used by many leading ReactJS development experts nowadays. The list of such pioneers includes Coursera, Slack, Airbnb, etc.

Storybook lets you interactively develop and test components in an isolated environment. You can save these components as stories to create a storybook, comprising of a reusable collection of components.

3. React Sight

Visualization helps us create better apps and React Sight helps you in that.

React Sight is a visualizer for ReactJS apps which lets you see the hierarchy tree of components live. It supports Redux and React Router too. It is the only tool, with which, you can visualize the structure of your app and it is simple to use too. Just install it as a Chrome Extension to your browser and get started.

4. Semantic UI

We all want to deliver perfectly responsive and user-friendly interfaces to our clients or end-users. Semantic UI is very popularly used to serve this purpose. It helps the front-end developers in creating user-friendly HTML.

In the case of ReactJS, Semantic UI React will work fine for you.

Being the official React Integration for Semantic UI, it supports JQuery-free code, declarative API, augmentation, auto-controlled state, sub-components and shorthand props.

5. Reactide

The first and foremost dedicated ReactJS web app development IDE, Reactide offers an extensible development environment for the developers. It has a powerful visual UI engine to allow the users to visually edit the code. Its custom browser simulator and integrated Node Server are very useful in building apps swiftly.

6. Material UI

Material UI is the most comprehensive and popular React UI framework. This modest and rich library has styles, icons, typography, colors, layouts, components and what not. For example, you will find uncountable Decorative fonts, icons, color palettes, SVG Icons in its Material Icon set. It implements Google’s Material design and provides support to you when needed.

7. Code Sandbox

It is a well-known Online Code Editor, used in ReactJS Development. Not just React, you can use it for developing solutions using other famous JS Frameworks, like Angular, Vue, etc. too.

CodeSandbox lets you create your web applications from scratch to prototype and final solution in your web browser. You’ll get a Sandbox URL to keep track of your code for the project. With Sandbox’s online playground, you will also be able to see how your UI is shaping up.

8. React Toolbox

React Toolbox is a library, which comprises a lot of components based on Google’s Material Design Specification, such as buttons, cards, tooltip, chips, tables, date picker, checkboxes, drawers, dialogues, dropdowns, inputs, auto-complete, font icons, lists, menus and more.

It is easy to use and integrate into ReactJS projects and customizable. Overall, you will you able to create very flexible apps with the help of this tool.

9. Ant

We talked about designing components for good appearance in 2 previous points, but do you think visuals are self-sufficient?

Probably, not!

Good feel, or user experience, is equally important. So, you must be willing to build interactive and feature-rich interfaces for your projects many times. For such projects, React UI Library Ant will come in handy. With its advanced features and high-quality React component base, it will be a perfect choice for enterprise-grade and demanding projects.

10. Apollo Client

If you need to use GraphQL, an open-source data query & manipulation language for APIs, do not forget to consider this tool. Apollo Client can be easily used to build efficiently APIs which could fetch data with GraphQL. You can integrate these APIs with ReactJS project or any JS Framework based project.

11. Create React App By Facebook

With this command-line tool, setting up ReactJS project takes just one command. Build by Facebook to save developers’ time, Create React App is considered the best way to start developing new ReactJS apps, regardless of your backend programming language. It configures the development environment so that you need not doing it manually.

12. React Studio

React Studio is the favorite tool of designers and coders as it enables them to build modern web apps at superfast speed. With this tool, you can flawlessly create app flows and components. Leveraging its efficiency, you will be able to write clean and high-quality React projects for sure.

13. React Developer Tools for Firefox

There is a Firefox Extension for ReactJS developers, with which, they can easily test their code on the browser. You just need to install React Developer Tools for Firefox extension to your Firefox browser. Once installed, see the React tab to find these tools and improve your React project’s quality.

14. React Developer Tools for Chrome

Chrome is one of the most used web browsers, just as Firefox. If you are habitual of Google Chrome over Mozilla Firefox, the Facebook team has developed an extension for you also. Once you install the React Developer Tools for Chrome extension with your browser, you will be able to use it. It will be added to your Chrome DevTools under React tab.

15. React Bits

From learners to advanced developers, everyone requires accessing the ReactJS Documentation to learn new concepts, revise old concepts and confirm the syntax of needed ones. So, how about bookmarking React Bits?

React Bits is a content-rich library for ReactJS Developers, which has techniques, tricks, tips, patterns, and other useful data. It covers the design patterns and UX variations too. Overall, it serves as a comprehensive online guide for beginner and expert React Developers. No doubt that you may need it anytime.

ReactJS is growing faster. Being an open-source technology with a large user base and contributors, this JS Development Framework can be trusted and deployed for your next projects undoubtedly. Now, as the tools help you use it efficiently, all developers should know about the top ReactJS tools for developers. So, we hope that you didn’t miss any tool from our listing.

In case you are a developer, make sure that you use the best tools for ReactJS development and keep yourself updated with the latest knowledge. And if you are thinking to get a ReactJS web or mobile application developed, hire ReactJS developers or teams which are well-equipped with the right tools and skills. Talk to experts at QuickBeyond to build the best solutions based on ReactJS.

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